Is there a conflict between Estate Agents and Buying Agents?
Is there a conflict between Estate Agents and Buying Agents?
Posted by: Sam Edington - 16/09/2013

Potential clients often have a preconception that there is a conflict between Estate Agetns and Buying Agents.   In fact selling and buying agents work very much in partnership to bring buyers and sellers together and help facilitate viewings for their respective clients and help progress the deal once agreed.  The only point of conflict is when it comes to negotiating the sale price when each agent is working to agree the most favourable terms for their respective clients.  Aside from negotiations it is in both sides best interests to have a good working relationship.

Buyers represented by agents are generally favoured by estate agents over unrepresented buyers as they appreciate that they have already committed money to their purchase in the form of a retainer and that their finances have been pre qualified as part of the Buying Agents due diligence.

All things being equal, buyers represented by agents are usually preferred by the estate agents in negotiations as they know that their buying agent will help their clients navigate the purchase process.  Before an offer is put forward, the Buying Agent will research historic sale prices and this helps inform their clients of what a property is worth, as a result the client is much less likely to withdraw from the purchase.
Retaining a buying agent will give you a competitive edge, it will open doors and ultimately save you time and money through what should be an enjoyable process.If you are interested in learring more about the benefits of a buying agent, why don’t you call us on 020 3638 3561

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