Renovations Insurance
Renovations Insurance
Posted by: Sam Edington - 25/05/2013

Have you got the correct insurance? Did you know that 95% of building projects are not insured comprehensively or at all!

If you think you’ve taken all necessary precautions to protect your home during renovation, you may need to think again.

Many people assume that existing household insurance will suffice, but during major renovation work, most household insurers will reduce or stop existing cover completely. Many property owners check that their contractor has insurance cover in place, but don’t realise that this may leave many areas vulnerable.

Even property owners who have taken apparently sensible steps can find themselves uninsured for theft, vandalism, flooding, storm damage or accidental damage, and reliant on a contractor’s insurance, over which they have no control.

For advice about insurance for renovations and full details of the cover available, call Insurance Tailors on Tel 0845 257 2268 or email and mention ‘Edingtons’

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